Cycling For Life

Cycling shouldn't only be about the scrapped knees we get when we are young, foolish and full of the joys of whizzing around.

Cycling is something for all peoples of all ages, but somewhere along the road that gets forgotten. wants to change that. We want to get more people cycling for fun, as a eco friendly way to commute and for sports and fitness.

Why Not Organise A Charity Cycle


As well as being a great way to get around and stay fit cycling is also a great way to raise money for good causes.

A cycling race can be a thrilling spectacle and can be great ways to raise awareness of a charity.

Public charity events promote cycling and so we’re keen to encourage all cyclists to organize cycles. You can take your passion for riding and turn it into a force of good. It’s a wonderful thing.

To help you organize a charity cycling event we’ve created this guide. You can help people get fit and healthy and raise money for good causes at the same time.

Decide On Your Good Cause

Most people that organize a successful charity cycling event do so because of a cause that they care about.

We recommend that you pick a cause that is personal to you. This this will give you the drive to get through the slog of creating the event.

Sites such as can help a lot with the admin side of raising money. If your passion is cycling checkout¬†Re-Cycle. They ship unwanted bikes to Africa it’s a worthwhile cause!

Corporate Sponsorship

Don’t overlook corporate sponsorship.

Many businesses are keen to sponsor positive events. So it’s a good idea to contact local businesses to see if they would like to sponsor your event.

Don’t overlook online businesses as well. They can often be supportive and just like bricks and mortar businesses want to attract publicity

Unique Gift Hampers has a scheme for donating prizes for races held by cycling clubs and may be willing to sponsor more events. Contact them via their website for further details.

Plan Your Route

It’s important to plan your route beforehand. You can use an online cycle route planner to help you do this.

Remember large events will need permission from your local authority.

A good route will allow for suitable places for spectators particularly at the finish line. Be sure to publish your route beforehand so that riders can study it and so that spectators know where they can watch the race from.

Mark good places on the map for spectators to gather.

These are just a few tips if you are thinking of planning a charity cycle race. Havve fun and remember safety is the most important thing at all times.

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