Cycling For Life

Cycling shouldn't only be about the scrapped knees we get when we are young, foolish and full of the joys of whizzing around.

Cycling is something for all peoples of all ages, but somewhere along the road that gets forgotten. wants to change that. We want to get more people cycling for fun, as a eco friendly way to commute and for sports and fitness.

Cycling for Health, Sport & Fitness


Cycling is a great way to be healthy. It not only allows you to get out into the great outdoors, but it builds muscle, burns fat, and acts as an aerobic activity. It is easy on the knees whiles keeping your heart young and getting the blood flowing and muscles moving.

Hitting Your Recommended Exericise Targets

Cycling is the perfect way to get your daily recommended exercise. The general consensus for exercise is approximately thirty minutes of exercise five days a week. In order for it to be beneficial, it must raise the heart rate. Cycling raises the heart rate and gives you your daily dose of cardio.

Low Impact

Cycling moves the body without requiring the impact that walking and running requires. It builds muscles without bearing weight for those with knee problems or arthritis. There is virtually no impact on the joints because the motion is a circular motion that is smooth rather than a repetitive motion that hits pavement.

Power Up Your Metabolism

Cycling is a fun way to increase the metabolism while burning excess calories. This is beneficial in that it helps reduce the amount of calories stored as fat while increases the amount of calories burned. Many people have a desire to lose weight and be healthy, but most do not want to go out running.

Riding a bike is fun. People want to ride bikes just for the enjoyment. Cycling combines the fun of the bicycle with the health benefits of cardio.

Cycling Improves Mental Health.

Exercise in general increases wellbeing by releasing endorphins while giving the exerciser a sense of accomplishment. Cycling is no exception to this. Cycling relaxes the mind and exercises the body. The rush that you feel after cycling is like no other. You will find that your stress is reduced, which can lower your blood pressure and reduce toxins in your body. Cycling, in other words, benefits the mind, body, and soul.

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