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Cycling shouldn't only be about the scrapped knees we get when we are young, foolish and full of the joys of whizzing around.

Cycling is something for all peoples of all ages, but somewhere along the road that gets forgotten. wants to change that. We want to get more people cycling for fun, as a eco friendly way to commute and for sports and fitness.

The Truth About Cycling Shorts


People make fun of cycling shorts often. Something about small amounts of spandex covering large amounts of skin just seems to make people giggle.  Sometimes this makes people hesitant to wear them.  Some people don’t want to be laughed at, while others have body image issues.  Cycling shorts, however, will save you a great deal of pain and will make your ride more comfortable.  Most bike shorts have padding in the back in order to cushion the bum, while the material that they are made of acts as compression shorts and breathes which lets you be much more comfortable.  The shorts will reduce chafing and properly pad the tail bone. In spite of their reputation, bike shorts are an essential part of  serious cycling.

There are two basic kinds of biking shorts. The first kind is for cycling and racing. These are the kinds that make people giggle. The spandex road short is made to reduce wind resistance. It does this by hugging the body.  The other kind is basically a spandex short with a baggy outer layer over it.  This version is popular among mountain bikes, but is also good for the casual cyclist or the commuter.  It covers bits that you may want covered. 

When you choose bike shorts, the spandex layer should be quite snug.  Again, this is to prevent chafing.  Even properly fitted bike shorts can feel like a diaper to the new cyclist, but the padding will really save you from discomfort.  When choosing a bike short, talk to the people in the bike shop.  People in bike shops often are experienced cyclists and can advise on the kinds of shorts that may be right for you.

Ok, we accept cycling shorts might not be for everyone but I hope this little article helps you understand why more serious cyclists wear them. 

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