Cycling For Life

Cycling shouldn't only be about the scrapped knees we get when we are young, foolish and full of the joys of whizzing around.

Cycling is something for all peoples of all ages, but somewhere along the road that gets forgotten. wants to change that. We want to get more people cycling for fun, as a eco friendly way to commute and for sports and fitness.

Cycling For All The Family Including Young Children

Most kids learn to ride a bike somewhere between the ages of 3 and 8 with age 5 probably being the most common, but that doesn’t mean you need to wait until your kids are older before you can get out cycling as a family.

There are a few options to help you keep cycling when you have young children. It’s a great thing for all the family to do together and we believe that giving your kids the cycling bug from a young age is the best way to ensure that they get into cycling for along and healthy life.

Let’s take a look at some your best options.

The Bicycle Child Carrier

 bikechildcarrierThese are great for toddlers, you should make sure your child is able to strong enough to support his own neck when riding on the back. Remember he is right above the wheel and it can get pretty bumpy back there. He will feel every bump more than you so adjust your speed accordingly.

Your child should always were a helmet when riding in the child carrier. He is vunerable back there if you have an accident.

Having said all this many children love riding in the back seat. It can be a thrilling experience and will get your child involved in cycling at an early age.


Bike Trailers

 bike-trailerBike trailers look like so much fun. They are a great way to take 1 or 2 small children out cycling with you.

If you are put off by the cost of a bike trailer you might consider something like the Baby Jogger POD Chassis that can be used as both a bike trailer and a jogging stroller. It seems to be rated highly by those in the know and since you will need a stroller anyway it keeps the cost down.

Some things to keep in mind. A bike trailer is really low down and is not the best place to be in traffic because of exhaust fumes.

They are probably best suited to rides in the countryside. Again your kids should wear a helmet even in the bike trailer.

Bike With Training Wheels

Young child on a bicycle with stabilisers.

Almost everyone learns to ride on a bike with training wheels and it’s a great way to go about things. When we are young we don’t have the balance and coordination to safely ride a bike and we fall over easily. Training wheels help your child get started safely.

While you might not be able to go at the speeds you would like you can actually cycle with your child together at a slower pace and that’s really healthy for the child and probably more so that simply sitting in the back of the child carrier or bike trailer.

Learning How To Ride A Bike

As we mentioned in the intro we mentioned that kids learn to ride from age 3 to 8. If you want to get out cycling with your kids then perhaps the best way it to teach them how to ride a real bike at an early age. Ride in safe places, in the park on the grass where falling will not hurt so much. If you teach your child the habit of cycling from an early age it will stand them in great stead for the rest of their life helping them towards health and fitness.

Here is one of our favorite videos with some tips to get starting cycling without training wheels.

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